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Model 975

The Model 975

ShrinkfastFor 30 years the Shrinkfast® Model 975 has been offering the best in shrink-wrapping and shrink-film processing. With its patented technology, the 975's reliability and durability offer customers the most dependable heat tool in the industry.

The advantages of shrink-wrapping with shrink-film and the patented Shrinkfast® Heat Tools:

Entering its 30th year of production, the model 975 is the most durable heat tool in the shrink-wrap market. At only 3.3 lbs. And it's rugged aluminum body, the 975 is the heat tool of choice for dozens of distributors around the world.

The model 975 has shipped over 50,000 units to more than 50 countries and has received many positive remarks of appreciation. The 975 was used and recognized in Operation Desert Storm, and was the heat tool of choice of choice to assist in the wrapping of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose, where the shrink-wrap weighed over 600 lbs. Several branches of the U.S. Armed forces currently use the Shrinkfast® heat tool for storage and transportation purposes.

The 975 comes with a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and labor. Shrinkfast® also offers a full service repair facility that can answer any technical question and rebuild any Shrinkfast® heat tool or extension.

When heat from the 975 is applied to shrinkable, low-density polyethylene film, the film is shrunk by 25% of its original dimensions. A tight bond forms around any size item and is the perfect method for wrapping and protecting any number of products. Here are some of the ways the Shrinkfast® heat tools are put to use by our customers.

Storage & Transportation
Boats (any size), Industrial or Agricultural Machinery, Aircraft, Helicopters, Cars, Trailers, Motorcycles

Packaging & Shipping
Anything Shipped on a Pallet: Boxed Products, Canned Goods, Bricks, Any Odd-Shaped Items

Weather Proofing Job Sites, Heating Pavement, Bending PVC Pipe, Winter Storage of Equipment, Containment Protection for Bridges and Buildings